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Stop Abuse Parade in the Island of Bonaire

Curacao and Bonaire Conference
Shiraldin Kook

On March 8, Women’s International Day, Adventist women from Curacao and Bonaire joined ADRA Bonaire in a parade to declare "ENDIT Now" (translated, Ta Basta Awor).

We had a caravan of around 30 cars, which included people from the community who joined the parade as we passed through various neighborhoods.

After the car parade, we walked from the stadium to a park under guidance of a drumband.

At the park were different prominent speakers which made a speech. Namely:

  • Government Representative
  • Director of the youth and family institution
  • Adventist Medical Doctor
  • Adventist Conference President

We shared flyers of enditnow and other materials on abuse. 

"It was a nice and wonderful experience for our small island of Bonaire and hope that this is the beginning of more good things. We were more than happy especially because our brothers and sisters responded positively to this “activity”.