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Honduras Adventist Union Mission: Parade Against Violence and Abuse

As part of the activities for the International Day Against Violence and Abuse, there was a massive parade in the north-western city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras.

Hundreds of church members, mostly women, marched

They marched through the main avenue of the city of San Pedro Sula, carrying placards and banners with messages alluding to the occasion with the objective of raising attention and awareness, to one of the most serious problems that our society faces at present which is the high index of violence against women and children.  Adventist women dressed in their purple shirts paraded, accompanied by some brave men and also by students of the various educational institutions, teachers, pathfinders and various volunteers.  In the parade there were also colorful floats with messages alluding to the event, which captured the attention and admiration of the passers-by.

Special community program concluded the march

Those who marched were received by other members and leaders of the Church in the Central Park or Plaza of said city, where followed by the parade there was a special program of community outreach that included among other things:

  • medical brigades
  • health fair
  • legal advice for victims of abuse
  • handout of the Great Controversy book
  • distribution of food and medicines, etc.

The presence of the city’s Governor, Lic. Gabriel García Ardon with his wife and the high officials of the Aventist Church in the country gave this event great importance.

The parade and all the other activities were covered by different means of communication.