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Botswana Women's Ministry EndItNow

TOGETHER WE CAN! The church in Botswana takes the enditnow campaing to their city, bringing together their country UNFPA representative, the Director of Women's Affairs and the Senior Assistant Police Commissioner.

In Kenya, Girls Say No to FGM

The effects of FGM on the health of a young girl, whether we are speaking of her physical health, her sexual health, her reproductive, or her psychological health are serious and long lasting

Honduras Adventist Union Mission: Parade Against Violence and Abuse

Hundreds of members, mostly women marched through the streets. The march was concluded by a community program offering valuable resources. This event was given great importance by the city Governor and his wife, coming along to support the enditnow campaign.

Chiriquí asks to create conscience

Put a Stop to Violence! The community wants PEACE. The church in David, Panama takes to the streets to provide a voice for women who are victims of violence.

enditnow Campaign Linked to the Government of Seychelles

North Santiago Adventist Academy hosting the closing of the 'Breaking the Silence' campaign, producing eye-catching work and bringing together government officials and church leaders to receive national recognition for their work to stop violence.

Florida Lake Breaks the Silence About Abuse

Florida Lake church members, take to the streets of Florida, escorted by the police to make a stand against violence towards women. Statistics show that women are at greater risk at home!

Guatemala: Adventists march in support of Enditnow

An opportunity to call on the Guatemalan society to put an end to abuse and domestic violence. The marches were covered by the local press and television media as church members raised their voices together against violence towards women.

Virgin Islands Rally Against Domestic Violence

Onlooker join in the chant to 'end it now' as the church in the British Virgin Islands rally to end violence against women and girls. Violence against women have reached pandemic proportions where acts of violence cause more deaths and disability than cancer, malaria and traffic accidents.

Stop Abuse Parade in the Island of Bonaire

We had a caravan of around 30 cars, which included people from the community who joined the parade as we passed through various neighborhoods.