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With the presence of the National Women’s Service (SERNAM) minister, the “Breaking the Silence” campaign drew to a close. On Monday, August 27, 2012, at North Santiago Adventist Academy [Colegio Adventista de Santiago Norte], the “Breaking the Silence” campaign was closed with the guest presence of Carolina Schmidt, minister of the National Women’s Service [Servicio Nacional de la Mujer], or SERNAM.

“breaking the Silence” seeks to prevent violence between couples in families and in society. The activities held in the school were marked by eye-catching works of art done by students of all ages. In the closing program, Adventist church authorities from Central North area of Santiago were present, Pastor Jose Ramirez, and Daphne Cuella (MChC secretary and treasurer, respectively); the representatives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on a national level were Director of Communication, Pastor Edgar Bosisio and Sister Fatima de Liessi, Director of Shepherdess International.

At the event, the secretary of state was able to understand in-depth what the church is doing to work towards No Violence. “I want to sincerely thank the Adventist community for their work in our country, because they have truly been a support in fighting to win this battle against violence against women,” she shares.


Likewise, Sister Fatima de Liessi expresses her satisfaction with the work that was done on a national level in each church, where the topic was preached and then magazines and flyers regarding the topic were distributed in the streets. At the closing, acknowledgements were given to the students who stood out in the art competitions and all were invited to continue working on violence prevention in our society.

“I want to sincerely thank the Adventist community for their work in Chile, because they have been a support in fighting to win this battle of violence against women,” said government official Carolina Schmidt, Minister of the National Women’s Service, at the closing ceremony of “Breaking the Silence” campaign held in Santiago, Chile.

“Breaking the Silence” seeks to prevent violence between couples, in families, and in society. The August 2012 campaign in the country’s capital city began with the theme of No Violence being preaching in the Adventist churches and members distributing magazines and flyers in the streets. Students were invited to submit artwork representing abuse prevention. Exceptional works of art were publically acknowledged during the closing ceremony held at the local Adventist academy where all the artwork was exhibited.

Also participating in the ceremony were the executive officers of Metropolitan Chile Conference. Representing the Chile Union headquartered in Santiago were Fatima de Liessi, director of Shepherdess International, and Edgar Bosisio, director of Communication.