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South-East European Union Implements Campaign

The campaign enditnow was successfully implemented in the local churches of the SEEUC in the last three months. Activities were organized in the local communities to promote the nonviolent attitudes among the local population.

Pastor Branko Lukic, his wife Mirela Lukic and the ADRA Monte Negro country secretary Radovan Acimic, decided to promote enditnow in the most famous shopping center Delta City in Podgorica where the daily influx of people is measured in thousands. On March 7 and 8, 2010 they collected over 3500 signatures for the petition against violence over women and girls from the non-adventist population.

The daily news "Vijesti" made an interview with pastor Branko Lukic and published it in the March 8 issue. The interview with his wife Mirela Lukic has been on in the second and third edition of the National TV news on the channel In on March 8, 2010. And the news agency Mina made an interview with the Monte Negro ADRA country secretary Radovan Acimic that was published in the daily news "Vijesti" issue from March 10, 2010.