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Women’s Ministries finds creative ways to address the problem of violence.

Italy | WM EUD news | January 2, 2023 | Lina Ferrara

In November 2022, many churches in Italy celebrated enditnow Day to raise awareness against violence and abuse. Each year, women’s ministries in Italy reserves the Sabbath closest to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25 for this special event.

Here are some reports from local churches.

On November 26, the Bari church concentrated on the theme, “Abuse of Power,” covering it in the morning sermon and a seminar in the afternoon. Starting with a knife and a wood carving, the speaker showed that power itself is neither good nor bad; it depends on how it is used. Just as a carver can use a sharp tool to create a beautiful sculpture, the same tool can be used to hurt people. We must live with a sense of responsibility for the role we have, respecting our limits of power. The afternoon workshop was well attended. The participants, divided into groups, examined and discussed some abusive situations that often confront us throughout our lives. It was a new topic and was greatly appreciated.

On November 26, the Lungotevere Church in Rome placed a chair with a red robe at the pulpit to symbolize violence against women and to remind us that in Italy one in three women is a victim of violence, often fatal. The local leader of Women’s Ministries and one of her staff members delivered the sermon and a seminar on “Abuse of Power.” Both the morning and afternoon meetings highlighted several biblical texts on the topic.

On November 19, the church in Rome Appia observed enditnow Day. For the occasion, we established the “Busy Place.” On a chair we placed a red bag and on the floor a pair of red shoes, to remember the women victims of femicide who can no longer occupy any place anywhere, not even in church. This year’s topic was “Abuse of Power.” Our guest speaker, the national director of Women’s Ministries, gave the sermon. We must be careful and responsible for our actions so that we do not fall into abusive behavior. Our example always remains Jesus!

On November 25, an event was held in Catania, Sicily, at the former Manifattura Tabacchi, headquarters of the regional offices of the Sicilian Department of Cultural Heritage, to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The meeting began with the testimony of two mothers condemned to grief by the death of their daughters who were victims of femicide. The event was also attended by the pastor of the Adventist Church of Catania with a speech entitled “Women who do not tell their stories,” in which she delved into the topic, creating interaction with those present.

On December 10, Sabbath was dedicated to enditnow Day at the church in Sciacca, Sicily. The local women’s ministries leader presented the sermon along with three other staff members. The “Busy Place” was also created in this church. In addition, children were also involved.

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As reported by Lina Ferrara, Women’s Ministries director, Italian Union of Churches, of Inter-European Division (EUD)
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Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2023 Q1

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